Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

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Master the art of negotiation with “Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills” offered by the University of Michigan. This course empowers you with essential strategies and skills to negotiate effectively in various personal and professional situations. Enroll for free and enhance your negotiation prowess today.

What You Will Learn in the FREE Successful Negotiation Course

“Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills” provides comprehensive training in negotiation techniques and principles. You will learn how to prepare for negotiations, identify interests, communicate effectively, and reach mutually beneficial agreements. Through real-world examples and interactive exercises, you will develop proficiency in negotiation strategies applicable to diverse contexts.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about the FREE Successful Negotiation Course

What is the primary focus of the Successful Negotiation course?
The primary focus of the course is to equip participants with the strategies and skills necessary to negotiate successfully in various personal and professional contexts. Participants will learn effective negotiation techniques, including preparation, communication, and conflict resolution, to achieve favorable outcomes.

Why should I consider learning Successful Negotiation?
Learning Successful Negotiation is essential for individuals seeking to enhance their ability to navigate and resolve conflicts in personal and professional settings. This course offers practical insights and strategies to negotiate effectively, build relationships, and achieve desired outcomes in negotiations.

How long does it take to complete the FREE Successful Negotiation course?
The duration of the course varies based on individual learning pace and the depth of engagement with course materials. Participants typically complete the course within several weeks, dedicating time to practice negotiation techniques, engage in discussions, and apply learned strategies to real-life scenarios.

What are my next learning options after completing the FREE Successful Negotiation course?
After completing this course, consider exploring advanced topics in negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution to further enhance your expertise in managing interpersonal and organizational conflicts. We recommend exploring the course on Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution. This course offers insights and practical exercises to deepen your understanding of conflict resolution strategies and mediation techniques, empowering you to facilitate constructive dialogues and resolve disputes effectively.

Is it worth learning Successful Negotiation?
Absolutely! Successful Negotiation equips you with the skills and strategies to negotiate effectively and navigate conflicts with confidence. This course prepares you to handle negotiations in diverse situations, fostering positive relationships and achieving win-win outcomes through collaborative problem-solving.

Will I receive a certificate upon completing the FREE Successful Negotiation course?
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of achievement from the University of Michigan, validating their proficiency in Successful Negotiation strategies and skills.

25 reviews for Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

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  1. Deleted Account

    It has been an honor and pleasure being able to listen to Professor Siedel’s lectures on successful negotiation strategies. As a law student interested in business/finance/corporate law, his course has been a great comprehensive look at the interconnectedness of business and law.
    The humility with which Professor Siedel possesses is humbling and extraordinary of a person of his intellectual caliber and professional accomplishments. Many law/business professors I have known are rather intimidating and unsettling.
    I have learned an invaluable amount of very unique knowledge and skills that Mr.Siedel teaches to some of the most important financial and legal movers and shakers around the world. Yet despite his reaches throughout the world, he seems like the most kind and relatable man. His jokes are impeccably timed, especially during a lesson that may seem a bit dry or difficult and I never found his lectures to be boring. In fact, throughout my time with the course I always looked forward to the videos and am very sad to see the end of them.
    Additionally, I had the mindset that in order to be successful in business or law, I’d have to adapt more of a detached, zero-sum approach to my professional life. Not only has Professor Siedel changed my idea of how business and legal negotiations work, he has shown that there is in fact more to be gained by seeing people as people and not as mere numbers. Thanks for not just the academic lessons, but life lessons as well. I hope to walk in beauty much as you do Professor Siedel.

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  2. Yannick Rostand Kounga Taptue

    This is one of the best and enlightening MOOC I have taken and I already start reaping the benefit. I encourage everyone who is serious about his/her career to consider this course!
    Yannick Kounga

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  3. Gowtham Thangavelu

    The course helped me fine-tune my negotiation skills. Want to thank Prof. George Siedel for presenting this amazing course in a spectacular manner. The examples conveyed by him in this course provided easier understanding about the concepts & tactics.
    After completing Week-3 of this course, I tested my negotiation skill and this is the result of the same –
    “I live as a Paying Guest in a Hostel with a monthly rental of INR 5,500 which includes accommodation & food. Since I go to my office on second shift, i was not able to have lunch & dinner from my hostel which was increasing my expenses.
    I went to my Hostel Owner and started negotiating regarding the same to reduce my rent. I was able to make him fall into 7 of the 10 traps. I was able to reduce the rent to INR 4,400 and he even permitted me to have lunch & dinner if I want to at the same cost. I promised him to find 3 members to fill the empty rooms available in the hostel.
    This was a great saving to me and the deal was even too.
    I was able to find 3 occupants for the vacant room within a week. Now both of us are very happy with the deal.
    Very recently, I was even able to sell a used mattresses to him at a fair rate by which I found the amount of goodwill he had in me.”
    Though this might be a very small thing, I was very happy that in my current negotiations I was able to achieve a Win-Win situation that favors both the parties.
    I finally thank the Coursera Team for providing me the financial aid for pursuing this course and I request the Coursera Team to forward this review to Prof. George Siedel as my thanking token:)

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  4. Michael Rosenzweig

    Not very well organized course to teach the essential principles of negotiation. The course material moves incongruently between legal and business negotiation tactics, which would make it difficult for any untrained future negotiator to understand the art of negotiation and ADR for business and law.

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  5. Tibor Nagy

    Poor content, only a book accompanies the videos and we should not be forced to buy anything!

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  6. Fabian Arens

    This course disappointed me. I expected to receive knowledge about negotiation. But it’s more advertisement for the book. I did every step in the course until the quiz and the quiz asks for knowledge which wasn’t in the course. I assume that i should have read the book to be prepared to do the quiz. That’s not why i registered on coursera.

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  7. Levent Touter

    I strongly recommend this course to everyone: Taught by a great instructor, this is a well developed course that encourages you to conduct an actual negotiation with another person (for me that was someone across the globe I found through course forum) and put the learning into practice and receive valuable insights about my personal negotiating style and how I could improve it. I also purchased the text book written by the instructor. However, I am disappointed it doesn’t extend much beyond what is already in the videos. To be honest, I felt the book was necessary as there were a lot of jargon and not-so-clear rules I had to master; especially as a physicist, I found contractual law to be challenging. The final exam was tough, but not unconquerable.
    Thank you Dr.Siedel!

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  8. Tony Salvatore

    Professor George Siedel, did an extraordinary work about sharing us his knowledge, stories and different cases about the negotiating world.
    The way the courses are divided and explained are undoubtedly a rewarding experience for anyone looking to extend his/her knowledge path.
    I really enjoyed, the positive & welcoming behaviour of Professor George Siedel and how he showcase this course on front of the camera: easy words and examples are key on this class and it helped me to absorb the material, very easily!
    This is indeed; an exceptional course that can only bring more value to our skills and on-going life and professional experience.
    This course deserve a flawless 5 Star rating!!!
    I really hope that Professor George Siedel will provide and share new materials in the near future.
    Thank you Professor George Siedel!

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  9. Максимов Дмитрий Анатольевич

    Спасибо большое организаторам данного курса! Он мне очень понравился и, как я думаю, будет весьма полезным в моей личной и деловой жизни.
    Хочу отметить, что русскоязычные слушатели данного курса могут столкнуться с рядом сложностей: в паре видео лекций отсутствуют русские субтитры, все задания, дополнительные материалы и т.п. на английской языке. Так же сложности могут возникнуть, когда речь в лекциях идет о юридических аспектах переговоров, так как они в основном даны для жителей США.
    Однако данные сложности не станут преградой для людей, которые твердо решили пройти этот курс, так как все тесты можно проходить неограниченное количество раз, пока материал не будет усвоен на должном уровне; а при выполнении задания к неделе 6 (проведение переговоров) не требуется представить видео его выполнения или что-нибудь в этом роде, поэтому, если вам неудобно его выполнять на английском, то вы можете сделать это в “домашних” условиях со своим другом, родственником или другим человеком на родном для вас языке.
    В связи с вышесказанным, могу смело порекомендовать данный курс самому широкому кругу слушателей.

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  10. Aamar Bashir

    Probably the best course videos Ive come across. Professor George I believe is an amazing teacher…the way he gets the concept across to students by simple and constant examples is worth mentioning..

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  11. Kartik Gupta

    I had a great time attending this course. Its like a long journey which you don’t want to come to an end. Dr. George Sidel and his great efforts behind creating this course should sure be applauded.

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  12. Lia Sviridenko

    It is quit common and not much interesting course compare to the Yale’s one. There is much less practical and usefull information , while there is all theoretical base info (BATNA, ZOPA and so on). Unfortunately approach of lecture are too boring and a lot of part of it are devoted to the laws (mediation, arbitration). If you are not beginner lawyer it wont interesting you a lot. There is only 1 practice between student (at Yale’s course there is two and moreover there you could get feedback of others students not involved in negotioations and there is explonation of typical behaive in particular negotiations).
    Will I advice this couse? Well might be. In some theoretical thing is quit nice, but I wish more practice knowledge (how to deal with people, how to contra-react to some typical manipulation and so on. BATNA and ZOPA and so on are useful, but let be honest we deal with people and it means that sometime charisma, challengable behavior can strongly influence at you during negotiations – What we should expect and more over how we should meet it or reduce? this it out of this course.
    I might be too emotional and its my imho, but too boring approach for teaching. I definitely rape myself to follow this course while another one (Yale) was much more nice.

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  13. Tarun Kumar

    Great Learning experience, my first but not the last & recommended for those working professionals who have busy schedule and still want to whet their insatiable appetite for contemporary learning

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  14. Theodoros Efthymiopoulos

    The course was not what I expected. In my opinion there is no academic foundation but most likely evolved science. There have been times that was eager to finish the video. The bibliography was poor and the lecture slides very bad. Also, the whole subject of the course is the professor’s book, word for word, so that means in case you buy the book, you have the hole course, but not the certificate.The least I can say, is that this act is unprofessional, anti-ideological, and it does not take the course in another level with more knowledge.

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  15. Johann Jacquot

    Great content, real-life example, and flexible schedule. Great for professionals.

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  16. Jeffrey Allan Brown

    A great set of skills to learn and a challenging but rewarding course.

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  17. María Angélica Velásquez Gordon

    Great course! It changes the way I used to see negotiations.

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  18. Sabrina Ann Szajdek

    I learned so much from this online course. I never knew how many different strategies there was to negotiating until now. This course is definitely worth the time and effort to learn these skills.

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  19. Carmelo Junior Sortino

    This is my firsy MOOC course and I’m very satisfied about the contents. The professor has been very clear and his examples were very easy and helped us to understand better the theoretical rules.
    I hope to attend other course in order to improve my skills in my job.
    I recomend it to everyone who wants improve the negotiation skills.

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  20. Diogo Simoes

    Great course. Excellent presentation from Prof. Siedel. Very clear and with lots of examples. Loved the interaction during the negotion practice. In my case it was intercultural that made it more challenging.
    As for the Final exam also very good. Not an easy test but covers all the course and makes sure we paid attention to the course. If it was easy wouldn’t be fun!

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  21. Gina Nicole Lamprecht

    I absolutely loved the lecturer, George Siedel. He presents in a way where I wanted to listen and I feel like I learned a lot from him just with the way that he spoke. I definitely think that this course is worth doing and I am really happy that did it. The fact that the course was online, didn’t feel like it was a barrier to me at all. In fact, I preferred it because I was able to go through the work in my own pace and was thus able to complete the entire course in one week.
    I really enjoyed this course, and definitely think that the lecturer, George Siedel, played a big part in it. I haven’t done many other online courses before, but I’m definitely motivated to try more of Coursera’s courses due to the great experience that I had taking this course. Due to the introduction of the University of Michigan made, I am now also strongly considering to apply for the MBA course when I am able.

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  22. Junaid Ahmed

    First of all, I want to thank the professor for such great lectures. besides, the course doesn’t bound you for department, or professional you have, rather it will help you in every aspect of life.

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  23. Daniela Collazos Salazar

    There are a lot of real cases to explain the theory, steps to create a negotiation strategy and tips to become a better negotiator. You don’t have to be born negotiator, you can learn the methodology.

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  24. Elham Pourtaherian

    Dr. Siedel is adorable. I feel more confident and meanwhile more thoughtful for negotiating after this course. I bargained on many personal and business purchases, positions, etc. highly recommended.

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  25. Luz Marina Moreira Martínez

    Excelente curso, considero que vale la pena tomarse el tiempo para aprender y descubrir parte de la belleza que posee el mundo de los negocios. Aunque, me di cuenta que aun hay mucho por aprender. 🙂

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    Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills
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